Best Friends Mom drains my 20-something balls on her face

(This model was 44 years old at the time of filming)
  Eva Long


Best Friends Mom Eva gave me a call once I hit the airport in Massachusetts to visit my buddy Jack. We’ve been friends since childhood and I was excited about visiting him this summer since they moved away a few years ago. I was also rather excited about seeing his mom again. She’s a total fox, with brunette hair, big doe-like eyes, and a fantastic body! The moment she opened the door to their apartment and welcomed me in, I had to work hard not to let my tongue hang out. Wow, what a MILF!

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I should feel bad coveting my best friends mom, and part of me does. But the other side of me is only human, right? It’s mostly the part in my trousers that I’m talking about. Eva is just too fucking sexy I can’t take it. We catch up a little bit and she tells me Jack’s out for a job interview all afternoon. Well, well, what could possibly go wrong? She also tells me Jack’s dad is basically a lame-ass old fuddy duddy who is never home and it’s made her terribly lonely. I know this sounds like something straight of a Best Friends Mom porno, but this is really how it went down. Eva coaxes me over to her bed and starts undoing her top. Woah, woah, woah, is this really happening? She pops those girls out in my face and basically says game on, Chuck. Next thing I know, I’ve got the tits of my Best Friends Mom in my clutches, and her pants start coming off also. Damn, this trip is turning out great already. She spread her long sexy legs to reveal a perfectly shaven pussy complete with a clitoris piercing. I orbitally probed her womanly squishy bits inside and out until giving her the oral treatment. She was a woman on fire at this point, moaning loudly with pleasure. I never knew my best friends mom was such a wanton sex fiend. As it happened, I also learned she was a certified cock whisperer. She grabbed my cock with such a strong grip, I thought it might break. Then she tried to break the back of her throat shoving it down there as hard as she could and gagging on it with gurgling sounds. God damn, what a great MILF Deepthroat. Then it was time to sample some of that wild MILF pussy of hers. She jumped on top and rode my cock like a while banshee until cumming on it twice. I fucked her doggy style and in missionary while giving you close-ups with my MILF Trip cam. After all, it’s all about the fans around here. I just never expected I’d be filming one with my Best Friends Mom is all. What I also never expected was that I’d be dumping a huge hot load of cum all over her sexy face. Whew, if only all of my friends’ moms were like this.
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